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August 15, 2018

Traces album cover

Steve Perry's new album Traces will be released October 5, 2018! Pre-order now.

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Years ago, I disappeared.
There were many reasons, but mainly…
My Love for Music had suddenly left me.
I knew that simply stopping, was what I had to do.
If music was ever to return to my heart,
then and only then I would figure out what to do.
If not… so be it,
for I had already lived the dream of dreams.
Many years passed.
One day, I began sketching some musical ideas
with the creative freedom that I was the
only one who would ever hear them.
One song led to many.
My Love for Music had returned.
Then another beautiful thing happened.
I found Love.
My precious Kellie gave me a life
I never knew I had.
I lost her December of 2012.
I now deeply understand the meaning of:
“’It’s better to have Loved and Lost,
Than to have never Loved at All.”
May of 2015,
I began recording.
These songs are special to me.
I respectfully ask that you please listen to them,
And whatever they make you feel,
I thank you for listening.


Steve Perry


December 20, 2016

"I am truly grateful that Journey is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame." Steve Perry


October 18, 2016

As reported today, Journey joins the list of first-time nominees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. For the full list, please visit

Former lead singer and co-writer of their biggest songs, Steve Perry, had this to say,

"I'm so grateful that the music we created while together has survived the test of time."

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will again offer fans the opportunity to officially participate in the induction selection process. Beginning October 18 and continuing through 11:59 p.m. EST on December 5, 2016, fans can visit to cast votes for who they believe to be most deserving of induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The top five artists, as selected by the public, will comprise a "fans' ballot" that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2017 inductees. Fans will need to login with a Facebook account or email to vote. Voting is capped at one ballot per day.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 inductees will be announced in December 2016. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Inductions, presented by Klipsch Audio, will be held at the Barclay's Center in New York in April 2017. HBO will also once again broadcast the ceremony in 2017. Venue and ticket on-sale information will be announced at a later date.


January 22, 2016

A note from Steve Perry on his birthday:

January 22, 2016 So far, 2016 has been a really bad year for music. The timeless contributions from those we've lost will never be forgotten. I'm busy in my studio working on music.... No finish date yet.... I must finish these songs....Before Life finds out where I Live. Many thanks for all your birthday wishes! Love ya, Steve Perry


April 13, 2015

It's Opening Day for the SF Giants at AT&T Park!

San Francisco Giants superfan, Steve Perry, recently did an interview with Buster Olney for ESPN. Steve's 10-minute interview starts around 39 minutes into the podcast.



January 22, 2015

Well another year has flown by. It's amazing how that happens.
To be honest, this was a rough year with a lot of emotions, good and not so good.
That's just the way it is for us all. 
This birthday is a very mixed bag of thoughts and emotions.
I really have been trying to keep Kellie's promises she asked me to make. 
One was that if something ever happened to her, she made me promise to not stay in it too long if possible, and to try and move on.
I never met anyone in my whole life that was so evolved and so unselfish as she was.
It's been two years now since her passing and I'm trying to keep my promise.
She will be loved forever in my heart.

Singing live with the EELS was a very uplifting period of 2014 for me. 
"E"  and the band were so gracious to ask me to share their stage last year. 
They are great and we had a BLAST together.  
The audiences were so great and we all had such fun  ......... I will never forget it...... 
Thank You St. Paul, Thank You Washington, DC and Thank You Los Angeles.

Looking at this picture of me as a baby in my Dad's arms seems like another universe. 
I guess it really was....... I truly loved and miss Mom and Dad.

Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes.......

Thanks for your years of Faithfulness.........





September 25, 2014

Steve Perry and Hunter Pence

I drove up for the Giants dodgers game last night. During batting practice, Hunter Pence walked up and gave me his bat and he pretended to sing with a bag of sunflower seeds as I pretended to bat! I'm pretty sure he sings better than I can hit. What a thrill! He's one of my fave players!



June 18, 2014

Steve Perry hit the stage for the first time since 1995, for three guest appearances with The Eels.

June 11 @ The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles CA: 
"It's A Motherfucker" (Eels), "Only Sixteen" (Sam Cooke), "Open Arms," "Lights" & "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" (Journey)

May 31 @ The Lincoln Theatre in Wash D.C.: 
"It's A Motherfucker" (Eels), "Only Sixteen" (Sam Cooke), "Open Arms," & "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" (Journey)

May 25 @ The Fitzgerald Theatre in St Paul MN:
"It's A Motherfucker" (Eels), "Open Arms," & "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" (Journey)

E (Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels) explains Steve's surprise return to the stage and shares the story of their long friendship at

Bob Lefsetz analyzes Steve Perry's performance with The Eels and nails it in "Steve Perry Returns."

Bob Lefsetz sums up the joy of hearing Steve Perry's voice in "Steve Perry At The Orpheum."

We had a quick chat with Steve and he shared his thoughts on the incredible and surprising events of the past few weeks.

Your three performances with The Eels really blew up social media! The YouTube videos have several million views, you were a trending topic on Twitter and just about all major media outlets picked up the story. Were you surprised by how big the reaction to you joining The Eels on stage was?
SP:  Yes, I was very surprised. I woke up in St. Paul MN thinking I'd have a little YouTube leak about the gig and that would be it. After 20 years of not singing Live I really thought I could just stick my toe in the Waters of Love and then go home and start blowing the rust off my pipes……. but that's not what happened. So I flew out for a second one in D.C. and that was even more fun SO-- I did L.A. and that was even more FUN-NER!

After watching your performances with The Eels, we hope you are finally coming back to music. Your fans love you! How did it feel when you walked out on the stage again?
SP:  I realized in a nano second as I walked on stage how much I had missed it. I had been away from Live performing for a long time. Walking out on that Stage was like having sex for the first time in 20 years. I didn't have a lot of stamina or restraint ……. but it still felt really AMAZING!!

You mentioned that you promised your late girlfriend Kellie that you would sing again. Is that what motivated you to join your friends The Eels on stage?
SP:  The promise that was made to her was not that I would sing again but more emotional and personal in nature. Since promises are best fulfilled in secret, I think I’ll keep them that way…….. but I am keeping my promises to her.

You've said in the past that you don't read reviews but hopefully you have seen the two amazing blogs posted by famed music industry analyst and critic, Bob Lefsetz. Did you know he was at the L.A. show and what did you think of his comments on your performance?
SP:  I did not know he was in L.A. until after he wrote the article. I do not read reviews but I was encouraged by a friend to read his St. Paul and his L.A. ones. Holy Moly…….. I was stunned at some of his analogies and kind words. I wish I could have met him after the show. I can honestly say that in my lifetime I have NEVER had anyone say such truthful things about what Rock and Roll once was and should be and then include me in his words!?!  

WTF…….Thanks Muucho Bob!!!!

Would you consider recording a cover of "It's a Motherfucker?" Your take on that song is so beautiful and heartfelt.
SP:  Yes, I may record it. When I first met E…… I told him that I wanted to sing that song. It was a song that spoke to me back then and then after losing Kellie, it's speaking to me again on a whole new emotional level.

Would you consider collaborating on new music with E? You two would come up with some great material!
SP:  I've known E for many years now and I think that's possible but we both have our own process of writing and we both understand and respect how that works. It can be a very personal, alone process that doesn't lend itself to collaboration. Just listen to "It's a Motherfucker" ……… The reason that song hits me so is because I can feel the solitude and loneliness that's in it and was required to write it.

The Sam Cooke song you did in D.C. and Los Angeles (“Only Sixteen”) was amazing. How did you decide on how you were going to do it?
SP:  I have always loved Sam’s songs. A capella versions are something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

A huge part of the pleasure of seeing you on stage again is in witnessing your enjoyment of performing. Reaction from fans has been overwhelmingly positive! What's next for you?
SP:  Honestly…...It's been many years since I've tried to sing at live levels. Many years ! I think I will start rehearsing at those Live Levels to blow the rust off these old pipes. That's my plan …….. After that is done, I'm sure more thoughts and ideas will appear.

Arnel said he would gladly step aside to let you return to Journey. What are your thoughts? Would you consider a Journey reunion?
SP:  I don’t know who or what would make Arnel want to say such a thing. He's their Lead Singer and I only wish him all of the very best! There is no reunion.

Loved your "SPelfie" at the Wash D.C. show. Would you consider doing more of those?
SP:  I may do another "SPelfie" very soon.

Even if you don't do a full tour again, would you consider a few televised appearances?
SP:  I have been approached about TV but I have never been a big fan of TV appearances. I think it's a loose, fun Rockin' evening in a room with fans that makes life worth living. TV never really represents that. I am getting a bit more open to the idea though……. more than I ever thought I would. So---- I will stay open minded about it and perhaps it will happen……. but I still have my deep opinions and thoughts about it……..

Of the three shows you played (St Paul, D.C. and L.A.), which was your favorite?
SP:  The first one was in St Paul and I was truly a bundle of nerves. After 20 years, I guess that is understandable. But it certainly didn’t stop me from having the time of my life! After St Paul, I thought, “Maybe that’s it,” but E said, “Why don’t you come out to do another one,” so I went to Wash D.C. That show felt so much more relaxed for me and I was able to concentrate more on singing. I think I sang bit better in D.C. than St Paul. That was my second gig in 20 years. Driving up from Del Mar to L.A. gave me plenty of time to remember how much of an industry town L.A. is and I was hoping my performance would be good enough. I honestly only wanted to sing again in front of people and so backstage I reminded myself there are several reasons why I wanted to go out there….some you know about and some you don’t. But the bottom line is it’s about rediscovering my love for singing.


February 24, 2014

I'd like to make clear that the rumor that I have returned to the band Journey is totally untrue and only a rumor.

Steve Perry


January 22, 2014

Well a big Hello to everyone. Yes it's that time again and this year it's the big 55. { ha }
Kinda not feeling too up about my birthday but I just was told about some very kind and loving posts that really are helping me, thank you!
One coffee birthday morning, I was telling Kellie that my body was aching and this getting old thing is getting ruff. 
She looked at me and smiled and said, "Honey … I would Love to get Old."
Well that kinda puts it in perspective. 

A drummer friend of mine, Steve Ferrone, was going to be inducted into the Guitar Center Walk of Fame, and he had told me that Hamish Stuart {one of my favorite lead voices of all time who was in The Average White Band} was going to fly here from Scotland and that I should come down to rehearsal and meet him. Well I was not going to miss that. Then he said that Questlove was not only going to be playing drums too, he was going to do the induction. Holy S*#T I thought……… So I went to rehearsals and in the middle of a run though Steve stopped the band cause he was not happy with the Background vocals of "Person To Person."
I knew what part they were missing but kept my mouth shut……….
Well…….. At least for a bit. 
Then after they ran though all the tunes……. Questlove showed up and in the middle of the next run through of "Person To Person," I had a musical Tourettes moment and jumped up to a mike and sang the part I felt was missing. 
They all turned around and said…... AHHHH HAAHH!!
At the end of the song Steve Ferrone said in his heavy English accent, "Dats Zit, Your In Dha Band, You've passed the au-di-tion." 
Then they gave me 2 more tunes to sing BGz and play cowbell on. 
Walking out on that stage was a great thrill ……. I loved it so very much…… 
There was soooo much feel and pocket between Steve and Questlove and the band. 
Just about as much feel and pocket that one Portagee boy could ever feel at one time……. SOOOOO GOOD.

Thanks again for all my birthday well wishes and the Love that you all have sent my way……

"You are the Faithful Ones"

Thank You.

Steve Perry

Here are a few videos from this special evening on Jan 18, 2014:


December 8, 2013


Rock icon Steve Perry generously donated an opportunity to have coffee with him and personalized, signed guitars in auctions to benefit City of Hope. In total, Steve raised more than $127,000 for the meet & greet opportunity and autographed guitars!










November 14, 2013

Have you ever wanted to hang out with Steve Perry and have a chat over a cup of coffee? Now is your chance to do just that AND contribute to important cancer care and research.

Steve Perry is donating his time and several autographed items for auctions to benefit City of Hope, one of the countries best cancer hospitals.

Bid now to have coffee with Steve in L.A.

Bid now to take home two LPs & a guitar, autographed & personalized by Steve.

Auctions end Tue Nov 26, 2013.



June 6, 2013

As I said in my last birthday message January 2013, "There's so much more I'd like to share with you but that will have to come at another time"........

Well, I guess the time is now!.......In May of 2011, I was with Patty Jenkins in an editing room as she was putting the final editing touches on what was to be the closing segment of a Lifetime Channel breast cancer special called "Five." As the opening scenes camera panned across an outside hospital patio, a narrator's voice commented on their lives and their types of cancer. The camera came across this girl sitting there laughing….. I saw her smile.

When the scene was over I said to Patty, "Can you roll to the top of that opening scene for me?" Patty asked, "Is something wrong?" I said, "No. I want to see something."
As the camera again crossed Kellie's smile I asked her to freeze right there.……. I asked Patty who that was. She said, "That's Kellie Nash, a PHD Psychologist who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy and she's doing a cameo appearance."

I asked if Patty had her email, She said, "Yes" but looked at me strange because she knows I don't do that. I asked if she would send Kellie an email that your friend Steve would love to take her to coffee or lunch sometime.

Patty agreed to do so but said, "Before I do that I think there's something I should tell you first. After a 3 year battle she was in remission for 8 months then it came back in her lungs and bones and now she's Stage 4 fighting for her life."

I was frozen……. I didn't know what to do…….. I had lost my mom, dad, grandparents that raised me and I was an only child so my first thought was to maybe not send the email; then my heart said, Maybe we could be friends or maybe she could be my shrink. So I said, "Please send it."

Well Kellie returned an email to me via Patty and we talked on the phone for the first time 2 years ago this May. It was so great to hear her voice. It felt like I knew her all along. She said that her girlfriends had bought her a ticket to Mexico for her birthday and when she got back we'd grab a bite. I was soooo excited..... I was a little boy who finally found his girl. I waited and 2 weeks later we went to our first dinner ....... Well we started at 6pm and the next thing I know she said "Oh My God! What time is it?" I said, "11:30."
She said, "I have patients starting at 8 tomorrow" ....... So we left. 

I never felt like this before....... I had finally found her. She's real and she's right in front of me.

We started seeing each other and Yes, we both knew that we were meant to be together. My life was forever changed in ways I will explain at another time but it was all because of my Kellie.

She continued chemo from May into December when headaches started and we discovered the cancer had gone to her brain. She started brain radiation and the chemo continued also. I've never seen courage like this before. One night as we were talking she told me she just couldn't do it anymore and would I be angry If she stopped everything. I was scared for what could happen but I told her that never, to my very last breath would I ever be angry with her and that I loved her and that her choices were torture at best. She stopped everything. 

January and February were rough on her then one day she said she wanted to try one last treatment that was not chemo but it was in New York. I said, "Let's move to New York"....... so we lived there for 9 months and the drug kept her alive with a quality of life. We had the most Magical summer of our lives together. She was doing really well till August. She said, "Something's wrong." We later found that her cancer was returning like wild fire. Kellie tried chemo in New York for 2 months but it was useless. We came back to California in November and I lost my precious Kellie December 14th 2012.

She was so strong, so courageous and we really loved each other so very much.
I've been trying to grieve and not run from this loss so for the last 5 months that's what I've been doing along with recalling everything being in Love with Kellie taught me. 

She helped me in so many ways. 
I Love and miss her terribly. 
Three weeks ago a routine mole was taken off my face and the lab report came back Melanoma skin cancer. I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required. 

On Sunday I was a bit depressed because Kellie's birthday was coming up so I went for a drive and ran into Martha Quinn at a street fair. It was so great to see her and in a few short moments I told her most of this story. She asked if I'd take a picture with her and I said, "If you don't mind my face scar." She said, "Not at all."  I joked about me and Pirates of the Caribbean and we both laughed.

It was so great seeing Martha........ I was a bit emotionally lost that day and seeing Martha got me grounded again. Thanks Martha!!


Well Fans.......... there's so much more to this story than you know and soon you will know more about it.

Though Kellie and I were only together for 1 and 1/2 years, it was a lifetime of love packed into every moment.

God bless my precious Kellie.
I loved you before I met you-
I love you now-
and I always will! 



January 22, 2013

I’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes for my birthday. There is so much I’d like to share with you, but that will have to happen at another time.

My birthday present this year was meeting June Foray. She's a cartoon voice over legend – I love all of her work! She was and is the voice of Rocky the flying squirrel and many other female voices on The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, and she also did many voices for Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons, too! When I was a kid, she was my hero. Her characters were gentle and loving voices – voices I so needed in my childhood. It’s safe to say that her work got me through many tough times as a kid.

Thanks, June..... You’re the best!

Love and best wishes to you and yours,
Steve Perry Signature


September 6, 2012

Universal Publishing signs Steve Perry deal

by Tim Ingham @ MusicWeek

Don’t Stop Believin’ hitmaker Steve Perry has signed an exclusive publishing administration agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group for the world outside of the US and Canada,

The deal includes all songs written or co-written by Perry throughout his career, including as lead singer of Journey and his solo work.

“One of the greatest voices in the history of rock also wrote or co-wrote some of rocks greatest songs. We couldn’t be prouder that he has chosen to bring those songs to UMPG. We look forward to working with him on both his iconic catalog and his new songs,” said Zach Horowitz, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group. 

Steve Perry said, “I so look forward to being a part of the Universal Music Publishing Group. I know they really get what songs are about and they still believe in the magic of music."

As the lead singer of Journey and in his solo career, Perry is responsible for writing or co-writing tracks such as Oh Sherrie, Any Way You Want It, Foolish Heart, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Open Arms, Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin,’ and Who's Crying Now.

His songs have been featured on television shows such as Glee and American Idol, and in Broadway plays like Rock of Ages and films like Monster, Money Ball. Artists who have recorded cover versions of his songs include Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Barry Manilow, Martina McBride, and Rise Against. 

In the UK, the Glee cast version of Don’t Stop Believin’ went to No.2 on the Official Singles chart.

Infinity, Perry’s first album with Journey, has sold more than 3 million copies while 1981’s Escape has sold more than 12.4 million worldwide. 

The band’s Greatest Hits album, with most songs written or co-written by Steve Perry, has sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Journey’s catalog has now sold over 60 million albums.


January 22, 2012

I would like to thank everyone for their support on the recent ebay charity auctions we've had and also - Thank you so very much for all the birthday well wishes on my 53rd birthday---(hehe).

Look what came just in time for my birthday! Thanks to all of you for making "Don't Stop Believin" the biggest selling classic rock digital download track!

All the very best to you and yours,
Steve Perry Signature


January 11, 2012

Fan Asylum has launched another eBay auction for Steve Perry. This one is to raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease through the documentary “The Astronaut’s Secret." Bid to get autographed vinyl albums & a personal note from Steve Perry and to help support a worthy cause.

This auction ends Saturday Jan 14, 2012. See more details & bid now!

Aren't able to bid on the auction? No worries. You can still contribute by visiting where you can make a tax deductible contribution or purchase one of their Rewards Packages. Make sure you cite "The Astronaut's Secret" as the recipient of your donation. Every dollar counts!


October 18 , 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Fan Asylum has launched an eBay auction to raise awareness & funds to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. High bidder will receive a PERSONAL PHONE CALL from STEVE PERRY!

Update: Auction ended on Friday Oct 28, 2011 @ $10,100! THANK YOU!!!

Steve Perry's Call For A Cure

There's already been a bidding frenzy on our ebay auction for a Personal Phone Call from Steve Perry, so we've created another way for friends & fans to donate to end breast cancer. Visit our "Steve Perry's Call For A Cure" page to donate in Steve Perry's honor. Every dollar counts!

Thank you all for your generosity!


September 29 , 2011

Congratulations to our five winners who were randomly selected from all the emails we received. They will each receive a copy of Journey's Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 on vinyl autographed & personalized to them by Steve!

Michael G. (FL)
Rosana W. (NC)
Theresa V. (NJ)
Loretta F. (TX)
Alaina L. (PA)


September 19 , 2011

Wow! We received over 1,000 emails for our latest Steve Perry Q&A. As we mentioned, five winners will be randomly selected from all emails received to receive a copy of Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 on vinyl autographed by Steve! We will notify these five winners later this week and then update this page with their names once they have confirmed.

So, with that - take it away Steve!

1) What was your biggest challenge on creating Journey Greatest Hits Volume 2, and also, what was the best part of working on this project? - Rae Wagner
I think that hearing the material and loving it all over again was the gift of hearing it on Vinyl. You must remember - This music was recorded, mixed, and mastered back then.........FOR VINYL.......... so when we started cutting the test Lacquers and then listening, I was stunned by how good the Stereo Echoes sounded and the center imaging was so strong but mainly..... it made me very emotional because I could once again hear how great those tracks really were and now are again. I guess they have finally come home to where they started......... Back to Vinyl.

2) To this day, Street Talk is one of my favorite albums and I proudly have both the LP and CD. I'm very excited to hear that the remastered album is being released on vinyl! What difference in sound quality will I notice most? - Diana from Ottawa
The overall level of Vinyl has been and always will be lower due to the time restrictions one has on each side.....{ only so much real estate there } also the louder the sound levels.....the wider the grove and then even less time is available. It always was a dance of time per side verses best level and best fidelity.......... Overall I really love the sound of Vinyl......... CD's have always been a bit harsh on the high end due to the digital medium. The difference is a personal one but I prefer Vinyl because it seems to be very Sonically Friendly!

3) I was glad to see that "Mother, Father" (live in Houston) is going to be on GH2 because it's probably my favorite live performance ever. It made me wonder, out of all the live shows that you've done, do you have a favorite song or show that sticks out or is special to you? - Mary Konen
Back when I was in the band, we would play so many shows that they became a massive travel and gig thing........ I kinda remember certain venues that the group sounded so great in and from that we would get a lift and play like mother f%^*er's.......... The old Spectrum in Philly - Cobo Arena in Detroit - Rosemont Horizon in Chicago - The Summit in Houston. Oh my, the more I think about it the more I'm getting overwhelmed because there were SOOOO many.

4) I have recently been rediscovering vinyl versions of music I own, and miss the whole experience of the liner notes, the 'feel' of the music, the sequencing of songs, etc., so am very glad to hear about the new vinyl releases. When creating albums with Journey or on your own, did you spend a lot of time on the sequencing of the songs and the side of the album they were on? - Gene Clifford
YES! The sequencing is so important......... The GH2 took 5 different sequences to arrive at the final one. It's easier when it's a new group of songs all written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the same time frame because they are in the same moment and time BUT......... the GH2 was spanning many years of different studios, with different engineers, different recording equipment and different masterings .........
The sonic variables were huge........ and that all plays into the challenge of the Levels and Sonics.

5) I've always loved the way your voice is recorded, especially the later stuff. I've seen the M49 mike popping up in videos. Do you still track with it? What are your other must have pieces of gear (other than your pipes!) for getting that Perry sound? BTW- I love how your tone has gotten richer and fuller over the years. - Stephen Teller
Wow......... thanks for the nice words on the pipes getting richer and fuller............ I've been using my M49 a lot lately for all my demos. The older recordings were a blend of 67's and 87's............. BUT-- I think the biggest difference is that no matter what mike it was-- I learned early how to Work the mike and not have to over compress it.....{ sometimes no compression at all }. The high end clarity will go away fast with too much compression.......So pulling back for loud moments and moving in for softer ones is a head phone listening thing that will serve you well when ya listen back........ Then listen close to what you're still missing and go again.

6) I have all the original Journey vinyls (through Raised On Radio) and vinyl of your first two albums (Street Talk and For The Love Of Strange Medicine) as well. Is there a chance that any of the other Journey albums (such as Trial By Fire) with your wonderful voice on them will be produced in the vinyl format as well? - Dee Brochey
Sony is moving as quickly as they can into the Return to Vinyl thing.........I think that in the years to come that's totally possible.

7) I'm so glad that vinyl is making a comeback. For some of us, it never went away! There's something about vinyl that is warm and fuzzy, and it brings back lots of memories of my childhood. I was wondering if you remember the very first record you bought. - Steve Frazier
You are right that it's got a warm and fuzzy thing to it. It's also an Analog experience......I think our ears, minds and Hearts love the Emotional aspect of the Analog Sonics that you can only get from Vinyl or analog tape........ There is a huge sonic and emotional differenceĂ–Ă–I can't remember what my very first record was but I still remember buying "Sally Go Ă«Round The Roses" by the Jaynetts and "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos.......... And that was many, many moons ago my friend.

8) One of the things I've always enjoyed while listening to Journey is to think about the fact that this music was recorded back in the analog days. I can appreciate all the rehearsal time vs. recording time in the studio. I also think those analog recordings show the great musicianship that was in the band and that's how, when the band played live, it could sound so much like the recording. Was there ever a time back in the analog days when you wished there was some kind of recording shortcut you could take like you can take now in the digital age? - Lynn Reeder
Well back in the day it was "What you played in the tracking room is what you got."There were some short cuts in the recording process but not many...... That being said......... It was still easy to over extend one's self musically in the studio to where live could be a problem........
After the record was done we would go into our rehearsal warehouse and play them OVER and OVER till they felt as good or BETTER than the record.

Regarding recording shortcuts in the digital age - Well, first of all .......... I HATE auto tuners on voices and today it's an epidemic....... I can't feel any emotion from a voice if it sounds like a horn on a Vespa. I'm from the old school of sing it over and over until ya get it feeling right...... emotionally and musically...... Then I can let it go as the best I got at that time and move on. Today....... Short cuts have hurt the quality of many recordings to the point that it's become a new sound that everyone has to have............. Reaching for honest performances I think is still the most timeless musical approach.

9) Several of the tracks on this new compilation are not obvious choices to be on a "Greatest Hits." What were the primary criteria for choosing the songs for Volume II--for example, did you feel these were some of your favorite performances, or do you have a more emotional connection to those tracks? It's a very interesting mix of songs! - Dan Olivadoti
It's changed many times........ For instance, "Eye's of a Woman" was there, then Neal Schon wanted "Little Girl" on the record so due to time limitations of Vinyl, "Eyes" was pulled....I think his instincts to have "Little Girl" on the record were right..... The sequence is always a challenge........ GH2 was changed many times till it arrived at this final sequence........ I love this final running order now. Tempos, size of final mixes and keys of songs are just some of the considerations to getting the final running order feeling its best.

10) I recently read where you are a guest vocalist on a track on Cassidy's upcoming album (Follow The Freedom), due out this Fall. That gave me hope of the possibility of you "getting the itch" to release a new album (or at least a single) of your own. Any chance of this happening sometime in the near future? Please know that your faithful fans miss you and your wonderful voice very much! - Angela Richardson
Thank you for your wonderful words......... Yes I sang some Na Na's on her out chorus and it turned out really cool and was a lot of fun.
I hope to start recording some time soon....... I've had a few personal setbacks and am itching to get into the studio again.
Thanks again.

11) Were the songs on Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2 remastered from the original master tapes? I'd also like to say it's been way to long since your last solo album. The world would be a better place with new music from you. - Chuck Earling
Thanks! They were both Remastered to Vinyl from 96K files of the original Master tapes and were then loaded into Pro-Tools through a special Doug Sax A to D converter........ We then used an external Apogee Clock cause the stereo imaging was the very best that way.

12) What is the difference between the special gate fold 180-gram virgin vinyl edition of Street Talk that will be available to us in November and my 1984 Street Talk vinyl album? - Valery Fuster
Well back then ...... record labels were not using virgin vinyl because it cost too much.... So they used a blend of old and new. Now the 180 gram virgin vinyl is basically a more pure, cleaner Vinyl so you'll hear less grit as the needle tracks in the groove.........During quiet musical moments is where you can hear the biggest quality difference.

13) Is there a specific song from the Greatest Hits Volume II that is your favorite or has a special meaning to you? - Dave Brasewicz
The one song that was not ever a single and was not a radio played track either is one of my faves on the GH2....... It's "When I think Of You."
I was in the writing mode with the band for the upcoming Trial By Fire CD and it was December. I was starting to feel depressed again about losing Mom- So I decided to lie down for a while. I had a dream that Mom had a gift shop and that she was so happy and doing fine and looking amazing........ She had been sick for so long that this was what I needed to know even if it was a dream. I later went to Jon Cain's and told him I wanted to write a song about this experience and started singing a melody and we finished it together.
The song is very special to me because it's about Mom and all that she gave me to survive and when I miss her......
All I have to know is.............She's right here ...... When I think if her........

14) How do you feel about fans approaching you in public? I have never approached the few public figures I've seen because I feel it's an invasion of their privacy. - Lisa Garcia
I'm really fine with it ........ it's pictures that I rarely do......... So I would rather sign an autograph and talk a bit about life.

15) I saw you play at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon I think around 1994. You had your red tux coat drop from the ceiling put it on and referenced it as an old friend. (That was so cool) Do you still have the coat and is it something that you will keep forever? - Julie Anderson
I still have every one of them in storage.
They still look great......... to me they are magic coats that I have a special bond with....... FOREVER !!.

16) Your voice for me defines some of THE best times of my life - every time I hear a Journey song on the radio or listen to my collection of Journey's Greatest Hits on CD, your stand-out vocals immediately take me back to that very special time that has really defined me as a person, even to this day. Has there ever been an artist that has this same affect on you? - Teresa McDannell
Wow......... those are some really kind words. Thank you so much..........
When I was 10 ....... I was riding in the car with my Mom and Sam Cooke came on the radio........ It was "Cupid"........ The sound of his voice and the recording sounds were captivating me to the point that I got tunnel vision looking at the dash board speaker........ Sam along with Marvin Gaye, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Robert Plant, Jackie Wilson, Gladys Knight, and many more have totally shaped what I loved and still love about music.

17) Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Do you prefer hanging out with a lot of people or just a few close friends? - Jill Gibbs
Good question. I looked them both up and they both have a little bit to do with me and then again certain aspects have Nothing to do with me, So........ WTF? Right?.......... I guess I'm just Me.

18) You are known for writing and for your fabulous voice. Of all the creative aspects in the music industry, i.e., writing, singing, producing, mixing, mastering, music videos, what do you enjoy doing the most? - Debbie Wentling
I do love it all but lately I'm really into Film Editing and sound mixing ....... I really love the whole thing........ It's like making records with huge Visual Landscapes. I think I'm a frustrated director......... Every time I watch Patty Jenkins's shoot - edit - or mix - I'm privileged to be able to shadow her and I learn SOOOO much from her. She's seriously good.

19) I love to watch your fantastic performances of "Hopelessly In Love/The Party's Over" and "Still They Ride," two of my favorite songs. Of the songs included on the GH2 CD, which were some of your favorites to perform in concert. - Cynthia Kimble
Well "Still They Ride" was one of my faves and also "Stay Awhile" which used to come right after "Lights" .......Both great LIVE tunes..... and fun to perform.

20) Like many I have loved your voice and your talent for a very long time. My question is about the song "Suzanne." In all the years I had never heard you sing about what sounds like a Hollywood star type. Was this song inspired by a real person? - Toni Simons
It was a fantasy encounter with a Film star who also had a vocal artist career........... Just a secret person that's in the song to live forever in that song. Real or not......... She's real in the track.

21) If you had to pick one song either with Journey or your solo work, what song would you say was the most vocally challenging for you? - Shelley Brown-Davies
The LIVE- "Mother, Father".......... for sure. It's a very Symphonic and Operatic song with some rough vocal requirements.

22) What do you miss most about performing for all of your fans? - Ginger Hipszky
The interaction between myself and the crowd........and the ability to sing in front of that audience and run around..... pain free.

23) You have previously stated that you would like to someday direct a film. Have you ever written any screenplays or rough drafts from any ideas that ran through your mind? Also, have you ever been approached to work on a set, other than music supervising/post-production? - Joseph Cortez
Yes to all ............. The hours are crazy long but the work is something I really understand and Love.

24) There's an interview where Neal Schon and the rest of the Journey members said that you are welcome anytime to jam with them during a performance. Is this something you would consider? - Josephine Cuevas
That's a kind invitation...........but I Respectfully decline.
But I want you to know this.......
I just spent the last 3 months listening very closely to the new Journey Greatest Hits 2 and the first Journey Greatest Hits ....... Every single one of those tracks is a magical moment in time..... Neal's playing is stunningly amazing ..... and Jon's keyboard performances are locked in rock history forever ......Steve Smith and Ross are a Symphonic R&B - Rock rhythm section....Gregg Rolie's playing and singing and Aynsley's drumming .....Still are and will always be... forever timeless.
And there's one more thing..... everyone should know........
I will NEVER stop believing in all the original and amazing music we created together!

August 25, 2011

Steve Perry - Fan Q&A

Journey's Greatest Hits Vol 2

Journey's Greatest Hits Vol 1

Street Talk

Journey's Greatest Hits Vol 2 - the long awaited follow up to Greatest Hits Vol 1 - is coming your way on vinyl, CD and as a digital download. And that's not all! Greatest Hits Vol 1 and Steve Perry's Street Talk have also been remastered and will be available as a digital download and on vinyl. The special gatefold double 180-gram virgin vinyl edition of GH Vol 1 & 2 and Street Talk will be available on Nov 1, 2011 along with the CD of GH Vol 2.

Want some inside info from Steve on the remastering process? Or maybe what was involved in selecting the songs for GH2?

We're opening up another fan Q&A and taking questions for Steve!

Here's how it works:

• One email per person ONLY. Additional emails from the same person will be deleted.
• Maximum of two questions per person.
Deadline to submit your email is Thursday, Sept 1 @ 9am PT.
• Each person who submits a question will automatically be entered in a random drawing.
• Five winners will be selected to receive a copy of Greatest Hits Vol 1 & 2 on vinyl
   autographed by Steve!

We will randomly draw about 20 questions and post Steve's responses sometime in September.

Update: Deadline for submissions is now closed. Stay tuned for Steve's responses!

We're on facebook! Like us!


March 16, 2011

Steve thought it would be cool to randomly select three people who submitted questions that he answered in the most recent Q&A, and send them a gift/thank you. Congratulations to our three randomly selected winners: Dilip Kanuga, Linda Tibbett & Mark Whobrey

Each received an iPod shuffle personalized with a message from Steve on the back, a gift certificate from iTunes for Steve Perry Greatest Hits +5, and a hand-written thank you note from Steve.


Jan 21, 2011

Dear Faithful fans,

Just a small note to thank you for all the Questions ..........All the questions that were sent in were placed in a fish bowl and were drawn at random. 
Of the questions I answered, I will place your names into a hat and I will draw 3. Those 3 will later receive a personalized gift from me ............
In addition to the great questions, thanks for all the wonderful messages of love and support.
Thanks again..........
Love ............
Steve Perry

Steve Perry Signature

1)  Your singing has always conveyed a variety of emotions and, like many other great singers, you were able to touch the listener's heart. Who and/or what do you think shaped your ability to draw upon these emotions and transfer them to the listener? - Dan
Well first of all thanks Dan for those kind words........I can only say that the singers I loved growing up were from another era that was all about being able to sing with emotion.........Like..........Marvin Gaye -Sam Cooke -Aretha Franklin -Nat Cole -Andy Williams -Gladys Knight -Barbra Streisand -Robert Plant - and also I was a huge Motown fan so Smokey Robinson -Stevie Wonder -Four Tops - and I was also a closet Supremes fan, too..........There are so many that I can't put them all down............When I was a kid, I'd be running around the house singing little versions of some of the above artists' Hits..........

2) My son loves movies (especially the music part) and his favorite composer is John Williams. He wanted to who your favorite composer is. - Jeanne
I have a few............Alan Sylvestri -James Newton Howard -Thomas Newman - 
I recently got to meet and hang with Michael Giacchino during the finishing of the Film "UP." He is amazing....... 

3)  I wanted to ask if you have a favorite Christmas memory you would be willing to share with us. - Brenda
The Holidays can certainly be challenging since the family that raised me have all passed on. I guess the main reason is because of those memories and how we spent our time together............I really miss the amazing table that my grandmother would set. I mean........ she would make the most delicious food I've ever had and sitting around that table, all of us together, is my fondest memory..........I still miss them all terribly!!!

4)  What's one of your favorite traditions that you do year-after-year? - Lori
My grandmother would make her famous Onion-Clam dip that to this day, I make every Holiday year and with a bag of Ruffles -I mack the whole thing......... In many ways it's a memory I can have today...... from a long time ago.

5) When I feel blue and worn out I get strength from listening to music or power-walking, often combined. What do you do when you need to regain your strength or just clear your mind? - Anna-Lena
Well lately I've been stressing and not really taking the time I should to re-charge. I guess I really need to get back into walking too cause that -with my ear phones- is the best way to Zone out and feel good about life again.........It's so easy to forget to do that............Thanks Anna for reminding me that I need to do that!

6) When you were a kid, did you collect anything? Like baseball cards, comic books, marbles, record albums? - Sassie
Steelies {as they were called then} were my favorites........I also liked cat eyes..........If I walk into a furniture store today and see marbles in a vase, I think of how much I still love them..........I also started buying 45 RPM's at a very young age.........I have a pretty rare collection of some of my old original 45's in my Juke Box.........."Baby I Need Your Lovin" by the Four Tops is one of my fave plays...........I can hear Levi singing Now........ "Some say, It's a sign of weakness, For a man to beg......Then weak I would rather be, If it means having you to keep, Cause lately I've been losing sleep." 
I love those lyrics and melody only then to be followed by a Killer chorus- .............Holland-Dozier-Holland............AMAZING WRITERS !!!! 

7)  Do you think you will ever put out a Christmas album?  That is one I would love to hear! - Linda
I have thought about it many times but so many artists have done that every year and there are a lot of versions being played everywhere.
I think a quiet Jazz version with just vocals -piano-bass and drums could be a nice fireside musical direction. 
{along with a string quartet in a couple of tunes could be nice too}
Very Low key ....So that... as you're listening to it, you'll be able to see –lights -a fireplace –eggnog -as you're smelling pine needles and cinnamon.

8)  I read in your interview with AOR Magazine in the UK that you have 50 songs worth of material written. Can we expect a new CD any time soon? A new CD would make a lot of hearts sing. - Vicki
I do have many demo sketches and many ready for recording....... It's just getting my butt into the studio that's the problem.
I have a love/hate relationship with the recording process..........
I like some of the demos as they are and at the same time I know what they could be so.......It's fish or cut bait time for me.........
I really would love to release some new music cause.......... Time is marching on................
 If ya know what I mean................

9)  Name an artist or band that you like that you think would really surprise people? - Marita
I love........ IMOGEN HEAP- KEANE- LIQUID MIND {Chuck Wild}- THE WHITE STRIPES- SARA McLACHLAN to name a few. 

10)  Do you have an official account on Facebook, Myspace or any of the social networks?  - Allyson
I'm really glad you asked that question..........the answer is......."NO".........I'm not on any of those sites and never have been......
So if you see any one acting as if they are me ..........It's just that............ACTING AS IF..........IT'S NOT ME.........
I'm also a very private person and have a personal life that I wish to continue to have..........If I talk about my personal life........
I will no longer have one........AGAIN...........thanks for asking that Question...........

11) If all members could work it out, would you consider a "One-Time Finale" pay-per-view concert with Journey? (like Led Zeppelin performed a few years back) - Greg
I think that ........In the years that we've been apart...... it's become fairly clear that we shouldn't be together.

12) Which artist(s) has the most songs in your iPod? - Dawn
I have so many songs from everyone I like in my iPod. When I buy music I kinda go off.

13) What is your favourite thing to cook?
I like to cook Halibut..........I do it in the oven with spices floating in a red wine vinegar sauce and bake it at 350 then I put chopped tomatoes on the top of each filet with parmesan and brown and serve. YUM !!!!!!!!

14) I feel music and art should be kept in schools, especially the early years. I can still remember the songs we sang in first grade. My first solo then was "Tweet Said The Little Bird," a classic in it's time. What was yours? - Cathy
I was in a Barber Shop Quartet when I was 7 and we would perform for the Chamber of Commerce and other city functions.
I remember the harmonies more than the songs...........They were really Cool.......

15) I'm only 15 and I listen to Journey and your solo work constantly, even before Glee came on air. Do you find it interesting that the "youngsters" are listening to you and Journey without a family or media influence? - Jessi
I honestly find it to be one of the most wonderful things that has happen in my life..........To think that a whole new generation is getting into music I've been involved in is very gratifying for me..............It makes me very happy.............

16)  Your Giants beat my Braves in the 1st Round of the MLB Postseason, and, if that wasn't enough, went on to win the World Series. My question is this: How do you sleep at night? - Dilip
I should feel bad, Huh? It's very selfish of me get a good night's sleep after what the Giants did to your Braves, Huh?
You are right ! ! !............I will stay up for One week ! ! ! .........NO SLEEP ! ! !.....That will be my punishment for my insensitivity to your Pain ! ! !
Thanks for a nice Good Morning laugh........

17)  You are a great inspiration to many people - many a young talent has stated that you were their reason for wanting to sing. What inspires you?
You know I must say..... hearing that I inspire many people still shocks me........ I still feel like I'm this Farm kid from the Central Valley of California that wants to be a singer when he grows up ...........I know that sounds nuts..........but there is a side of me that still feels that way..................
What inspires me is the idea that there are only so many notes and somehow music keeps re-inventing itself through a desire to stay fresh and different……..To play in the same waters of musical choice, which every one through time has played in............Is a very exciting thing.

18)  You always looked so cool, calm and collected on stage. Did you or do you suffer from stage fright? - Valerie
OMG..........did you say Cool - Calm and Collected?..........WELL..............Have you ever seen a duck slowly making its way across a large lake so smooth and Calm? Well what ya don't see is..........Under the water .......Those little duck feet are going real fast to make the outside look Cool - Calm and Collected.............All kidding aside.........I always had stage fright just before I would go on...... then once I was on..........It was like..........Going to another place that I can't find anywhere else........ except in front of an audience...........It was a Magic Place ..........

19) In this era of the 'techno' sound, auto tune, etc do you think music (especially rock) will ever again revert to turning out music relying on talented song writing and vocals? Can it recover its credibility and break away from the boring sameness that permeates the airways? - Gene
WOW............A Very killer question.................Technology is a tool but it has played a big part in lowering the bar of talent required to make music and as a result.... some music - not all - but some.... is all the same due to vocal auto tuners and recording techniques that end up making the music sound very similar. 
Individuality of music is subject to the individual uniqueness in our diversity............
When everyone buys the same Plug-ins and uses the same computer music programs..........Music doesn't have a chance to be unique.................... 
I think using technology as a TOOL to capture real human emotion is the best way to use technology..........
Not as a career building Life Raft........... 

20) As a 15 year old, I have been inspired and amazed at the talent you and Journey possess. Has there been a fan that you have encountered whom you will never forget? - Danielle
I think I just met one that I won't forget..........thank you for your kind and inspiring words......
I kinda live in my own private word and don't hear those words as much as you would again..........Thanks for letting me know that you feel the emotion in the music..... Someone else feeling the music that was recorded back then........was what I was reaching for.... ! ! !

21) It was great watching the images of you at the Giants playoff games, the World Series & the Victory Parade. You looked like you were having a blast! I've read that you've been a Giants fan for many years. Have you ever caught a fly/foul ball while at a game? If so, do you still have it? - Larry
Yes........I have pushed and shoved with the rest for foul balls and so far have got a total of 3 since June of 2002 which is when I started going to Pac Bell Park........{now ATT Park}
I never keep them..........I'll tell you a little secret........{If you promise to not tell}.........Before every game.........I look around my seat and find the little girl and boy who is the most dressed up in Giants colors and commit to myself that If I get a foul ball today I will give it to one of those kids............So when it happens I toss it to 'em and their faces light up like the Fourth of July............They sometimes come over and ask me to sign it..............{I know you won't tell anybody about our little foul ball Baseball secret}

22) What are your thoughts about the Glee soundtrack album with cover versions of songs outselling new music and having passed The Beatles for the most Top 40 singles (75 vs 71)? - Brian
WOW.........I didn't really know about that statistic..........Well I think the show has introduced to a whole new generation a treasure chest of songs from many, many great writers and artists ........... I mean .........Where could a younger generation hear or see a Burt Bacharach and Hal David song being performed these days except on Glee?
So ......... I must say........ I think great song writing has been a large contributing factor in the show's success.............
It's kinda become more than a TV show.............It's a social comment and at the same time - It's a new Classic Radio.

23)  Do you believe that we are born with our lives path already written for us? - Mary
Great question...........Let me think about this ...............................................................
Well I can certainly see a golden thread of coincidences that have led me to the life I have now. 
So are they coincidences? One may never know................
But that being said............. I've heard it said ......."God can move mountains......But don't forget your shovel."
So it still takes commitment and work to reach for and navigate ones hopes and dreams.

24)  Name 3 vocal performances by someone else that have made you say, "How did he/she/they do that?!?!" - Dan
"Nessun Dorma" by Franco Corelli..............."It's A Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown...............
I'm trying to think of a third but can't right now..........

25)  Back when you were just starting out, you and The Sullies played in the Battle of Bands at the Calaveras County Fair and won. The prize was that promoter Bill Graham would get you a gig at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. Did you ever get that gig and what was it like playing at the Fillmore? - Pat
Yes .....after we won the battle of the bands.....we traveled up to San Francisco and went to meet Bill Graham and set up our equipment at the Fillmore for our big gig.
I remember Bill being in his little office and told him that we were the winners of the Frog Jumping Jubilee battle of the bands and came to play tonight...........
He first looked confused then said........"Oh Yea.........bring your equipment in and set it over there. The sound check is at 4 o'clock".......
We were very excited. Later that night we dressed in our Naru jackets and were ready.............
We opened for..........Big Brother and the Holding Company and The Steve Miller Blues Band.............OMG............
At that time we had a few original tunes in our set but most of the set were R&B rock covers.........
The Sullies were a great Band..........WE SOULFULLY ROCKED IT !!!!!!!!!
The crowd DUG US !!! WE WERE JAZZED !!!!!
Then Janis Joplin stepped on stage with the Holding Company and Tore it UP!! She was great!!!!!
Then Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs {who was in the band at that time} came out and sang all my favorites off the first LP.
I really wanted to get into the music Biz after that.......That gig helped me chase after my music dreams of being an artist someday.........Years later ........I brought my youthful  Fillmore Bill Graham moment up to Bill Graham when Journey was Headlining The Day on the Green in Oakland........... I don't think he really remembered that young kid from the Central Valley of California who was in The Sullies that won the Calaveras County Frog Jumping Jubilee battle of the bands...........
But I certainly will Never Forget It  ! ! !

26)  Is it harder to create a song or record it? – Linda
They are both not easy.........BUT.........Most of the time, a sketch of a tune can come pretty quickly with rhythms, chords and some wordless vocal chorus melody ideas.............The hard part is........ Sometimes a word-less mumble that I've sung cause words didn't yet matter - can have a tendency to be sung in a first time ever free way that will never happen again.........Until I go back and listen to the sketch I don't realize that it was that good.
This is what many musicians call............"The Danger of the Demo"..............I have MANY demos with such moments on them.
So- The best one can do is to go into the studio to try and make the master recording better than the demo...........most of the time I do...... but there are times that ....Well It's just one of those things that happens when you're not trying - or looking so hard .....that's when magical accidents can happen............It's kinda all in the process of Making Music and a Love/Hate relationship that one can have with this process.

27) More and more musicians are turning into writers recently, and publishing tales of their immensely interesting lives and careers. I think with all you've experienced in your career, yours would be a pretty interesting and amazing read. Have you ever considered doing an autobiography? – Kim
There are no REAL biographies out there on me or the band ...........I have thought about it but I think that everyone's dirty laundry will always kinda just be that..........Dirty Laundry ...........and that's kinda boring to me.......
I think every Band is a group of people -Management included, label, roadies, etc.- that "Band" together to try and accomplish something together that would otherwise alone..... not be as possible..........Hence the word "BAND"...........So at that level..........they are kinda all the same.
I don't think any band member is free of the neurosis that comes along with the drive to be famous …….. after achieving that fame..............  they discover how fame can do so much for them and to them !!!
If nothing else..........Rock History has shown us............
The very thing that "Bands" them together........ Can be the very thing that once successful?
......... Tears them apart.............

28)  Have you ever been asked to be a judge on American Idol, and would you? - Maria
Yes I have.............Randy Jackson asked me to Guest judge on the show once..........
I simply told him that I don't feel good about sitting in judgment of anyone's honest passion to perform or their talent.........and If someone has a passion to perform......... they should do it no matter what anyone says.
I was passed on in the music business many, many times before Herbie {Journey's then Manager} heard my demo and Believed in me..................That was the moment that changed my life and I'm still forever grateful to him for Believing in me. The hardest part is to keep Believing in what you love when others tell you that you are not good at it.
So all that Judge business is none of mine to be involved in............
So I won't be judging anyone's talent any time soon.

29)  Whenever you tour you do not get to sight see much. If you could go back to any of the places you have been where would you go? - David
The first time Journey went to Paris it was in the very beginning of the bands career and for many reasons- it was not a good the whole Paris experience is a bad memory so I would say I'd like to go back to Paris France................I have not been back since and probably need to take a Vacation there..............

30)  What was the best pick up line anyone has ever used on you, and did it work? - Laurie
Well I can't tell you what it was cause it did work and if I told you then it would be used on me again and could work over and over again..............Cause ..........It was a GOOD ONE................It will have to stay a secret..........

31)  I read somewhere a while back that you liked muscle cars. Do you have one now and if so what do you have? - Roy
I LOVE CARS!!.............I don't have the room but if I did..........I'd have more..........I saw a Convertible 73 SS Chevelle with a 396 cubic inch engine at a car show this last summer that was ripped to the ground and put back together and perfectly Beautiful. 
For a moment there I thought .........."I could buy this beauty"..........I asked how much .........he wanted $50,000 but it looked absolutely worth it......I didn't.......
The only muscle car I've owned was a 96 SS Impala and I put in a Racing Cam, Turbo, Headers, and new tail pipes {for that sound we love} and man that big ass car would move......It could smoke her big girl tires from a stop for days -NO PROB-
One time Neal and I, after a session for the Trail by Fire CD, were leaving the Lucas Ranch Studio and were following each other to the freeway. As we both were merging on the freeway side by side Neal looked at me and I looked him and he punched his tired black SUV and I laughed as I punched my SS Impala and I pulled away and was home while he was licking his wounds............Yep........I Smoked him..............I sold my SS a year later and now I have a-  #*)&^$*#^)!*..................Which is my new Secret Sled.

32)  I'm writing from Holland and wanted to know if a song has ever made you cry. - Joland
A few years ago I went through a break up and though I knew it had to end, that did not help the pain ........ It was.....and still is at times....... very difficult...........That being said.......One day I was driving and ......The song "Neither One of Us" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.......came on the radio..........The lyric......... 
"I keep wondering....{wondering}.....What I'm gonna do without ya....{do without ya}.....And I guess you must be.........Wondering that same thing too........So we go on  - go on together living our lives {living our lives}..................Because neither one of us........Wants to be the first to say.........Goodbye".......... her amazing voice and the lyric & melody just brought me to tears as I was driving..........
I had to pull over and cry it out before I got back on the highway.  

33)  A few years back Sting had a very successful collaboration with country artist Toby Keith, as did Bon Jovi did with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland.  Would you ever consider doing a crossover with someone like uber-guitarist Keith Urban? - Kathy
I have thought about that many times and do get calls and offers but I have yet to do it.........It still could happen somewhere with someone.

34)  I noticed on the Houston 1981 DVD that you played piano briefly during "Who's Crying Now." Do you still play now and are there any other instruments that you play? - Aurora
I am really not a pianist.........I can learn a part and {if it's not too difficult} I can play it but a piano player I'm not.........
I do have fun with piano when writing but in the midi world I can fix my fingers mistakes and kind of construct the chords on my own terms ....................Though guitar is so very important for the music I love to sing and hear-  ...........Much of the music begins with Piano and Voice.

35)  Do you feel that "Don't Stop Believin" has become that ultimate song that you always wanted to write? - Antonia
I would have to say No.......... Though I am so very happy that it's become one of the most memorable tunes ever..........but........ 
I still have a special place in my heart for many other tracks that are still so unique and good to this day...........Like........"Ask The Lonely- "Send Her My Love" - "Good Morning Girl" "Sweet and Simple" and I always had a spot in my heart for "Eyes of a Woman"........and from my solo-  "Go Away"  "Against the Wall"  and "Melody".....All of these are every bit as great as DSB......and on their own terms. These could be called Some Great Underdogs.................

36)  I have always wondered if you read music or if everything is done by ear?  - Gina
I don't read music..........I do it by ear............My Mom tried to give me Piano lessons when I was a kid and my piano teacher, Mrs. Bliss, told my Mom I wasn't practicing and it was a waste of her I quit piano 12 I fell in love with the drums and got my first Pearl drum kit ......then in High School I learned how to read drum charts and I liked that a lot but that slowly faded when I became a drummer-singer in an R&B band.........I really didn't need to read music to play drums and sing R&B ........but I will tell you that I certainly wish I did know how to read and especially play that piano NOW.........I've lately been thinking of taking lessons and learning how to do just that....but........I still don't like to practice though.............

37)  When you were growing up in Hanford/Lemoore, did you ever attend the Portuguese Festas?  (I too was born in Hanford!) - Debbie
Yes I did and they were interesting to say the least.............It was like a way for a lost community of Portuguese people to convene in one location and feel unified and all speak Portuguese together. I learned how to speak it when I was a that was a great help...........But I must say I never felt part of the social immigrant hang........It really was a big gossip fest and I wasn't interested in any of that......... 
I was a loner and preferred hanging with my drums and my record player listening to music all day - everyday..........

38)  One thing I have marveled at when watching you perform the same songs over and over is how you are able to do them with the kind of emotion that would seem hard to keep feeling each time. What is it that makes the singing so meaningful to you each time? - Juliana
I guess I think that once the lyric and melody is established that the demand to vocally deliver it with as much feeling as possible is what it's about.  I came up in an era when the only way to do that was to go inside and get it..............There were NO computer programs to fix or make things happen that you could not do............You had to go in- find it- and BRING IT !! .........Heartfelt music is the result of this reaching is good as a recording tool but if it's used too much as a solution.........Then the emotion in the music can severely suffer.......That is what's happening now........A vocal performance- charged with honest emotion-  Has a chance of becoming............. Timeless..........

39)  How do you stay so fit? Specifically, do you practice yoga? - Misty
FIT? .........oh my - you are being too kind.......I have done Yoga and it really makes me feel great but...... 
Hiking is my fave thing......... Throwing on my backpack stuffed with lunch and water and hiking long distances to a spot and MACKIN' --- then.......Chill and hike back.
My weight does go up and down...........My problem is I want -what I want- when I want it - and as much as I want, too.........
That usually means watching Television and snacking like a MO FO...........  WRONG!!!!!!.... 
After Baseball............Snacking is America's second great pastime............

40)  Is there a movie you can watch and a song you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of it? - Liis
I have watched "Young Frankenstein" more times than I want to admit............It's got such a great cast and some of the greatest lines in a comedy film.......... Musically..........I never get tired of ANY old Motown tunes..........The Funk Brothers grooves ........ Holland Dozier Holland's writing and all those Amazing Artists' Vocal performances ...... SOLD FEELING by the POUND.

41)  Which tour was your favorite, and why? - James
I would have to say the 1981 Escape tour.................I think Journey was at a point when all 8 cylinders were firing perfectly in sync and we were in a peek moment together as a band......... The Live 1981 Houston DVD confirms that ..........
............At that time, being in it and so close to it...........  I now can see It was certainly more Magical than I knew ............

42) Every mom's prayer is that their son will grow up and know that she was, and still is, his biggest fan. Looking back, what lessons did your mom teach you and what disciplines did she instill in your character that helped you reach for your dreams and achieve the life she always wished for you? - Machelle
Well just yesterday I was on the phone telling someone how much my Mom believed in me ........... To get a record deal was what you really needed to get into the music biz then and the closer I would get to being signed  .............something would happen that would keep it from coming true.............. I came close so many times that I told her.........."Mom it seems like maybe I'm just not supposed to be a singer".............
She always would say............"Well something will come of this, don't give up yet"................ Her support was consistent..........
She also told me when I was 6 years old to get a vision in my mind of what it would look like and feel like being and doing whatever I wanted to be ............So I envisioned being on stage in front of a large audience with bright Cobalt blue lights and deep red ones mixed in......She said that if I did that it would help me achieve my goals................ Well I finally got my stage with Cobalt blue and red lights and an audience, too ..........and they were as Warm and Loving as I envisioned them to be...........

43)  We're from Cleveland and were wondering, have you ever been to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland?  Also, do you have any fond memories to share about how you and Journey rocked Cleveland back in the day? - Barb & Bob
No I have not been to the R&R Hall of Fame yet............ I do remember playing Cleveland though.......What a ROCKIN' CROWD.........Most of the time we'd stay at Swing Go's...........What a Rock and Roll Zoo that place was......... There were times that I alone would stay at Stouffer's downtown just to get some sleep......... I will never forget that amazing 2 story indoor arcade downtown. 
I think it was one of America's first indoor malls.......... It had an arched glass ceiling and tiles on the floor and black rod iron railings with many shops on both levels........
I would always hang there during the day cause it felt so nice ............... I hope it's still there..........It seemed like a real landmark to me............ I must visit it again.

44)  If one day you decide not to sing or tour again, would you work behind the scenes like writing songs for other artists or be a producer like David Foster, Quincy Jones etc? - Jas
Just to be helpful and for fun- I've been Producing for some musician friends lately and I do enjoy it.........I think I do bring out of them something better than they could find on their own..........Basically that's what a Producer is there to do..........
..NOW.......To Direct a film would be something I would be into............I love film and the whole process that goes with the making of one..........

45)  What skill do you secretly wish you had? - Shiloh
I wish I could play baseball..........I mean really play it like the big leaguers do..........They are fearless and seriously talented.
But the real talent is how fast they can adjust to quickly changing circumstances............. because the ball is round and the bat is round and it's coming at ya at 95+ with aerodynamic movement so not only is making contact difficult but once contact has been made-
Anything can happen and does happen and very quickly........... How fast they react and deliver is amazing to me......... 
I like me some baseball.

46) Would you consider releasing the catalog (Journey & SP Solo) in one of the new HD surround sound formats like blu-ray? CD quality just isn't good enough anymore after being spoiled by DVD-audio surround. - Mark
I think those decisions are up to Sony for they own those performances..........I'm sure Sony is considering that for they are always looking at new ways to re-package stuff............ I would like that too............

47)  Thank you for blessing the world with such beautiful and soulful music through the years. As a solo artist, how do you choose the songs that appear on an album out of all the songs you write for it? - James
Very tough to do that.............I have a bunch of ideas and all of them have something that I like so how to decide which to record is tough............ The funny thing is the ones that ya didn't think were that hopeful - once in the studio - Magic moments can happen that one could have never anticipated, making them now serious contenders. It's always been a tough thing. The best thing is, if budgets permit, to record as much as possible and decide later. The tunes will show you clearly which ones are in the game.

48)  What is your song writing process like? Does it start with a title, a melody, chord changes, or all of the above? - Michael
It can start with a groove or a set of chord changes I like, or a melody idea I have running in my head.............Any of these can get it going.......... 

49)  What's Number One on your "bucket list"? 
Sky Diving.........more than likely in tandem at first............

50)  What advice do you have for an aspiring singer regarding the proper care and maintenance of their voice? - Dominic
Drink lots of water cause dehydration is very rough on vocal cords................That also means no booze or smoking for they are direct vocal cord dehydrating factors............... When the cords dry out and you keep singing they will become inflamed and permanent problems in their ability to come together evenly can happen.
Also ........not talking much on show days...........The sound check will be enough vocal action before a show.....

51)  I am a high school art teacher. I think the greatest challenge in the creative process is coming to terms with the end product.  I never feel as though my work is as good as it could be. Is this something you struggle with?  Have you found a way to get past it? - Janette
I can tell you that I have never finished anything that I didn't think could have been better............I know that sounds crazy but there will always be more ideas and possibilities presented.........That's just the way it is............Knowing when to stop is the trick........

52)  Your songs that grab me the deepest are the ones with orchestra…violins, etc….Would you consider an album of that style? - Annette
I'm attracted to people who do film scores cause I love the emotional accompaniment of it all and how it becomes a total visual and musical moment.  I think those kinds of film oriented arrangements with voice........ could be very cool.

53)  Are you romantically involved with anyone? My best to you and yours. - Mary Ann
I usually don't talk about my personal life......... but ..........At the present time............No ........... There is someone I would like to be romantically involved with but not sure if that's ever going to happen...............It's complicated................Isn't it always?

54)  We know your passion for Giants baseball, but do you ever go to 49ers or Chargers football games? - Donna
Not a big football fan..........I've tried to get into the game but for the most part ............I only watch the Super Bowl.
..............Of course this year I have a shorter break till baseball starts again due to the fact that I got some October Ball last year and boy did I love that..........Oh I'm sorry!!!!!!.........Did I forget to mention that the San Francisco Giants WON the World Series last year?????????????..........hehehehehehehehe !!!!!!!!!!

55)  Are there ever going to be any DVD's of your solo work? - LeDon
I have talked to Sony about that but it's kinda strange over there now............the people and the label that once were there are gone now.......

56)  Any current song out there which you would like to remake or do a cover of? - Nelia
Not at this time..........

57)  You are a "California boy" but if you were to move out of state to any where in the US or the world, what would be your favorite 2-3 choices to relocate and why? - Bobby
I love New York, Chicago, London, St. Bart's and Italy but one of my fave cities in the whole world is San Francisco ...............Why?............Those are all places that I love to go to cause it feels good to me personally when I'm there ......................   There is one more special place that I really would love to move to live out my life there .............but that one will have to stay a secret. 

58)  I know you had musically talented parents. Do you think you would have achieved the same degree of success if your parents had not been interested in music?
Growing up - I really loved the fact that Mom and Dad were creative people but.........Many well know artists come from parents that were not attracted to the arts in any way so perhaps it really doesn't matter..........It could be about giving yourself the permission to follow your heart.

59)  I heard an interview with you where you stated that you had always wanted to be a deejay and I was wondering if you had ever been approached to host your own radio show. - Sherry
I love radio.........I think the idea of playing whatever music comes to your mind and talking about it is exciting to me. Perhaps I will be on one of the new satellite stations soon. Don Was just asked me to be on his show so your timing is very good.

60)  You look fantastic on all the video clips from SF Giants' games. The fans love it when you sing along as they play Journey songs.  Any chance you would consider touring again? - Dana
I have received many calls from promoters asking me to go out again.........I have certainly considered doing another solo tour.............I had a blast on the one I did .......... We were in small 3000 seater Theaters all across these United States.........It's was a Rockin'- Funnnnnnn Tour.....................

61) Don't you think you have been away from us, your fans, for long enough? We are faithful and we are waiting! - Debbie
Well Debbie..........Uncle Steve ain't no longer a spring chicken ya know??
I'm not sure when or how it will happen...........If it does?.........Being as Faithful as you sound.......I know you'll be there and I will be looking for ya !!!

62)  Do you prefer staying home rather than going out in public? If so, do you enjoy doing things at home like mowing the lawn, painting the house, or planting a garden? - Bonnie
I'm a garden, planting flowers kind of guy..........It's kind of a pain in the butt to go buy and bring back and dig and plant them but as soon as it's done......... they look beautiful...........then as time goes on .........they become more beautiful day by day  ............ Flowers are Joy with interest.

63)  I've seen pictures of you at fairs and amusement parks. What's your favorite fair food? I bet its funnel cake! - Cookie
I don't eat too much at the parks cause I don't want to Blow Chunks........{if ya know what I mean} ...... I like all the rides and food and rides....... DON'T MIX............

64)  Do you have any plans to launch an official website? I know everyone would be on that site in a heartbeat! - Debs
I do own one ..........Just haven't built it..........It will come someday..............Just not sure when.

65)  Have you ever thought about teaching a music class on a college level?  With all your knowledge and wisdom in the field I have a feeling you would be an awesome educator.
Well thanks but .........I do what I do by ear.........Music classes are usually based on the knowledge of music theory and mine is not at the teaching level..............I have listening skills that have evolved over the years and have served me well.   I do think that a listening class to developed ones musical ear could be worth talking about..........thanks may have given me a new gig opportunity..............

66)  I always read or hear about what a nice guy you are. I want to know about the "pain in the ass" side to Steve Perry. lol - Laura
Well everybody from time to time gets a bit pissed off about what ever!!! ..........And when I do ...........
It ain't pretty that's for sure.......

67)  I hope you have an awesome birthday! Do you have any special plans to celebrate? - Karen
I usually celebrate by reflecting on my parents and our time we had together. I was told once that they really wanted to have a son and that they were very happy when I was born..............So- ....
On my birthday......... I usually reflect on how grateful I am for my parents bringing me into this world.


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